What widget to use for tags

I need a widget that will output tags: one, two, three in the markdown header.
I thought the List widget would be the right one, but it outputs:

I then tried the simple String widget but it adds single quotes to enclose the string.

Any help would be appreciated.

The list widget doesn’t support tags: one, two, three because it isn’t a valid array syntax (like tags: [one, two, three]) in yaml. Therefore I don’t see the project supporting it in the future.

Same goes for the quotes around a string. The string is escaped with quotes because it contains special characters (the commas). It’s default yaml behavior, which the CMS follows.

You could create a build script that replaces the dashes and newlines of the yaml lists with commas if you want to use the list widgets UI.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I can see why the project won’t support that in the future, but custom formatters might be an interesting idea. I see on GitHub that yaml, toml, and json formatters are already included.