Netlify -> Win DOS -> Git?

Why did my instructor tell me to sign on with Netlify then goes into Win Dos system to setup a Git repository?

Would it possible for you to give more details about your case as in, what is your instructor trying to teach, what are you looking forward to accomplish, and any such relevant details…? It would be easier to answer your question then.

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Thanks for your quick response to my question.

Yes, I am currently taking an online course with Udemy - HTML, CSS, and SASS. I am in my final stage of the online course, and the present course title is called: Pushing Netlify. I registered with Netlify with the understanding from the online instructor that he was going to demonstrate how to set-up data input for the website projects we have constructed, for FREE.

He mentioned that we must go into Windows or MAC DOS area/CMD to set-up a Git file. And the more he goes on, the more lost I get. Without even mentioning Git or Github, he shows how to check for Git download??? I think he has finally lost it … he needs a vacation.

At this point, I am about to write him off on the data control section of this course. It seems like he has skip a whole lesson on Netlify and Github. I don’t even know what Netlify does for the Web Developer, or what does Github have to do with Netlify and about are they all about. So much for online learning!

Michael C. Valdivieso

hi @mcv57! these are great discussion points. FYI i have moved this thread out of the support area as it isn’t a support request, exactly. :+1:

Alright, to clarify some of your doubts:

Git is a version control system for code. You can track changes as you edit content, and roll back to any previous version from the time when this version control was enabled.

GitHub is just a service (currently managed by Microsoft, I believe), which lets people store their repositories and use Git commands on them.

Netlify is a web host (or more of a CDN) for static web assets like HTML, CSS, JS (the basic blocks of almost any website).

You don’t need to use Git to use Netlify or Netlify to use Git. If you just need a backup sort of thing, use Git, if you want to publish a website to show the world, use Netlify. The only time when you need both of these things together is when you plan to use something like continuous integration. What this means is, whenever you’ll push (or upload) your changes to your Git repo (that is connected to your Netlify account), Netlify will build the static output of the website (as per your configuration) and publish it live. Thus, it saves you the time of backing up with Git and then uploading manually to Netlify and also saves build time as Netlify builds are generally faster than local builds.

So, about the part needing Windows, DOS, etc., it’s up to you. Git is primarily command based, however, apps like GitHub Desktop or Visual Studio Code help give a graphical interface and use buttons, etc. instead of commands for common actions.

Let us know if you still have any questions.

My sincere thanks to @hrishikesh. You make everything clear. You should teach on Udemy. I could take your course.

Thank you,

Michael Valdivieso