and subdomains are showing in Google search results

Hey there,

I’ve just noticed that the and subdomains are appearing google search results, even though I have a _redirects file that 301 redirects to the primary domain. Is there any reason for this? The redirects work, but the results are still showing in Google. One site has had the redirects for 9 months - so crawl time shouldn’t be an issue here right?

EDIT: Also, with the new subdomain url changes, do I need to redirect both and or only to my primary domain?


hey jake, can you tell me which domain / site(s) this is regarding? We might be able to pull a lever to help you. thanks!

Hey Perry,

Thanks for taking a look at this. The subdomain appearing in Google search results is and


thanks, jake. we’ll look into it and get in touch if we have more information for you :muscle:

Hey @webbrewjake we’ve had a look at this internally, and this subdomain atop our domain cannot be manually “Requested for Removal” within the tooling we have at our disposal.

This content/subdomain technically no longer lives on our .com domain, hence we’re unable to request removal from search engines of this non-existent property. In due time, googlebot (and other search engine crawlers) will continue to follow the 301 redirect to your subdomain atop our domain and then remove the .com subdomain reference altogether, on its own.

Worth a shot from your end:

  1. Signup for Google Search Console
  2. Add domain properties you’d like to manage
  3. Go through DNS TXT record or other verification
  4. Submit sitemaps and otherwise have control to manage your domains accordingly, going forward

I’m noticing some other, outdated references in-the-wild (, so it’d be worth your time to search around ( and update those, as well.

This Facebook example, in particular, and discrepancy in post content versus attached social card domains referenced is likely due to caching (use FB’s open graph debugger tool to re-fetch open graph content) and/or combination of social meta tags (<meta property="og:url" content="">) needing optimized.

Obviously there’s a redirect chain from .com > .app > your custom domain, but it is resolving correctly at your custom domain eventually. Understand the concerns here and hopefully this helps with some guidance and next steps you can take from your end. Best of luck!