How do I create sitemaps?

Hi there,

how do I create sitemaps for sites that are deployed from Netlify? The site was hosted on Webflow and would now like to migrate to Netlify but I’m not sure if the Sitemaps are going to get affected as theyr were automatically generated by webflow.

@Madute There are several ways.

Perhaps the most obvious is to use the Netlify Sitemaps plugin:

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Another way would be to use a program such as Scrutiny to create your sitemap:

There are also online sitemap generators, such as this one:

You can even download a script to run against your site files and create one yourself:

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Hey I have the same issue from a Webflow site after installing the plug in is that it? or do I need to follow these steps ?

You can certainly do any of the things that @gregraven suggested :slight_smile: I think the plugin you linked is probably the simplest, if it works well for you.