Enable branch subdomains


Using Netlify DNS and I’ve enabled branch subdomains. I’ve pushed a staging branch which deployed successfully. I can see the site @ https://staging--yalhi.netlify.com/; however, since I am using a custom domain https://www.yalhi.com, I’d like to view the build in staging.yalhi.com.

Do I need to update the DNS settings manually? If so how?

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Shouldn’t need to do anything other than visit https://staging.yalhi.com - is that not working for you?

Nope, it’s not working for me.
I have dev and staging branches, both not working.

Hi @oyalhi,

Since you are using Netlify to manage your DNS, you’ll just need to create those two subdomains here: https://app.netlify.com/sites/yalhi/settings/domain#branch-subdomains

That should do the trick!

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Thank you for the solution!