Base64 Encoding in Netlify Lambda Functions

Hey! I was making a Netlify function that will take input of a form that contains a couple of images and some JSON data. I am sending it as a Base64 string in JSON form. In the local environment in Netlify Dev. It is working as expected, but In production, the body of the form is getting converted into base64 string and the parameter isBase64Encoded is true. And If I decoded it, then I am getting only a part of the body, it’s not full-body what I sent.

What I am sending {"name": "John}
What I am recieving {"name: "j`


Are you sure you’re encoding and returning a single string rather than several, and that there is no terminating character like ’ midstring? Sorry if that’s a dumb question but it seems good to establish that first since you didn’t share your source code.