A JAMstack book! - Modern web development on the JAMstack

I’m happy to share that O’Reilly have now published the book that @biilmann and I (not to mention @todd, @chris and a number of others ) have been working on for a little while.

I wrote a little about it on the Netlify blog and you can get a free download of the book on the website.

We hope that this book helps to clarify all sorts of things to do with the JAMstack, and also illustrate some examples and case studies.

The trouble with a book, though is that it is hard to get feedback and have a conversation about the content in the pages. Luckily, we have this community site!

If you have feedback, questions, or comments about the book, feel free to voice them here. It would be great to learn where it was useful and what gaps we should look to fill.


Thanks so much :smiley: I’ve only made it through the first chapter, but this book is awesome!!
Can’t wait to dig into it further :+1:


Thanks @PeteCapeCod!
I hope the rest of the book lives up to the first chapter!