Your lambda function took longer than 10 seconds to finish

Hi! I sometimes get this error from Lambda and my app crashes with “Your lambda function took longer than 10 seconds to finish”.
I see some people adjust timeouts directly on AWS. Can this be done with Netlify?
What’s the best way to handle this error?

The default timeout for Netlify Functions is 10 seconds as documented here:

If you upgrade the site to Functions Level 1, our support team can increase this timeout to a maximum of 28 seconds.

​Please let us know if we should increase the timeout and, if so, which Netlify site this should be changed for.

Is there any way that the time out can be more than 28 seconds?

@cbrzn, at this time the 28 second timeout is a hard limit and there is no way to increase it beyond that.

If you need a longer timeout then deploying the function to your own AWS Lambda endpoint would be one way to workaround this limit.