"Your connection is not private" - Google Chrome security error


Hi all, setting up my Netlify website for my client, who is not a happy camper at the moment. I shot a support ticket out earlier today, but the sooner this gets resolved the better for me.

My problem…
https://livingwisely.org/ works fine!
https://www.livingwisely.org/ gets a security error!

Two questions - why the error? What can I do to resolve it? Open to redirects, updating DNS, whatever…

Many thx!


Hi @makeitrein !

This is a pretty frequent problem as mentioned in this article: [Common Issue] Are there rate limits when provisioning SSL/TLS certificates using Netlify?

In effect, we can make a partial certificate for you if your DNS is only partly propagated when you configure hostnames in our system, and the “fix” is to hit the “renew certificate” button in our UI, at the bottom of the Domain Settings page as shown in this screenshot:

In this case, I went ahead and renewed it for you, but for others who have this problem, you can self-solve (though DNS does need to be correctly configured and propagated first!). Writing in to support if that doesn’t work will allow us to help you diagnose any issues (which are usually the ones I mentioned ;))


Thx so much for handling that! Much appreciated

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