Where are you from?

Hello everyone, I am from Switzerland :switzerland:

Wait, I know Switzerland is small, but am I really the only one, come on. :wink:


Hey all, greetings from Belgium! :belgium:


Hi @perry !

Greetings from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Montreal area is a cold place during the winter time and road are not well maintain… So if you ever have the idea of coming over here with a nice car or a motorcycle, maybe you should avoid it during October to May, after this you are good to go.

Otherwise, summer time are coming up, it’s almost spring here and anyone who like the nature or Hot Summer will be well served here.

Hello everyone.
I’m from Toronto, Canada.

Go Raptors! :dragon_face: :hot_pepper: :basketball:

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Whew, Netlify doesn’t half reach each corner of the world!

I reside in the Midlands, UK. Nice to see a few other Britons in this thread amongst a plethora of globetrotters!

I am from Spain, but I moved the Åland Islands, Finland. Its quiet and nice here.


I live in Tokyo, Japan. Hello everyone!


Born: Kobryn, Belarus.
Moved to: Lancaster, PA
Moved to: Philadelphia, PA
Moved to: Seattle, WA
Moved to: Lancaster, PA
Recently moved to: South Jordan, Utah

Its been a wild ride :slight_smile: