When i enabled my ipv4 where is the damn ip adddress?

Why have you guys made it so pain in the neck to hook up external domain server ?

Hey there! I’m not too sure what you’re struggling with. Would you be able to elaborate?

@jpca999 The only IP you should need to set up external DNS is the Netlify load balancer IP – You already have your www subdomain pointed at your Netlify subdomain via a CNAME entry, so once you add an A record for the load balancer, you should be good to go.

So what you’re saying is to use the same ip address for every domain ?

@jpca999 Not exactly. The load balancer is just for the A record. The CNAME record points to your specific domain, which is why when using external DNS Netlify recommends using your www subdomain as your primary.

Hi, @jpca999. You are also not using Netlify DNS at this time at all:

$ whois westpalmgroup.com | egrep -i '(name server|updated date)'
   Updated Date: 2021-01-03T00:28:55Z
Updated Date: 2020-02-10T05:30:59Z

The DNS zone for this domain should be activated or deleted (whichever you prefer). There is more information about why this is required and how to fix it here:

Also, it appears your are quite close to a correct configuration using the external DNS instructions with the records below:

westpalmgroup.com.    	600 	IN	A
www.westpalmgroup.com.	1800	IN	CNAME	www.jolly-lamarr-192bc7.netlify.app.

The second record above should be this (with no www in the CNAME target):

www.westpalmgroup.com.	1800	IN	CNAME	jolly-lamarr-192bc7.netlify.app.

I also find this quite confusing:

We are not doing anything unusual to make DNS configuration more complex than it would be with any other web hosting. The requirements for connecting a domain to a site at Netlify are no different than they are for any other host.

In what way do you find our instructions different from the instructions of other hosting providers? What do you think should be different? For example, can you post a link here for other hosting instructions which are simpler?