What Function-ality would you like to see?

That makes sense, thanks @tmoberg ! We’ve gotten a feature request filed to support this, but I don’t think we’ll implement it soon since it is more “dynamic” of a header than our usual static ones and am not sure how we’ll create it within our current framework.

Nonetheless, we’ll let you know if we do implement it with a followup in this thread.

+1 to this — lack of scheduled functions is currently holding us back. AWS Lambda natively supports scheduled events, but unfortunately Netlify’s wrapper doesn’t expose that functionality.

Hi, @DavidChouinard, thank you for this +1. I’ve added this to the open feature request for being able to schedule Netlify Functions and we’ll follow-up here if/when that becomes available.

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I’m also looking for the ability to schedule functions within Netlify, and not using an external service like Zapier.

My use-case is for running periodic tasks that are unrelated to user-input. For example, I want to send email reports to users based on times that they set (eg. send me an update at 10pm) so I’d want to periodically run the function to check if anything needs sending. Similarly, I’d want to be able to run functions on a regular basis for other things like periodically pulling data from external APIs.

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Same here, I’m doing a POC and it looks like we’ll use Zapier or EasyCron to hit a Netlify function… would be nice to keep our codebase self-contained!

I need custom lambda runtime support. I want to keep using Netlify for the task I am using it but I am no longer using JS nor Go for my applications. Would be nice if Netlify would be more open (have it on docs) about state of support for custom lambda runtime. I’ve been wondering if it is supported or not. And I am still not sure.

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+1 for custom runtimes. I find it crazy that whilst AWS Lambda supports a whole range of languages and runtimes, we are restricted to just Go and Nodejs. AWS provided the custom runtime functionality so users aren’t tied down to a set of languages. Why not make use of it Netlify?

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Hi, @ejohnson, @superherointj, and @awprice. We’ve added these +1s for additional runtimes and scheduled function calls. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on adding these new features to Netlify.

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The additional runtime I’m using is Reason/Ocaml.

Thanks for that detail, I’ve updated the feature request!