What Function-ality would you like to see?

Pardon the pun - if you have ideas around how we can make #netlify-platform:functions even better (feature requests only, please, no current support issues here, make a separate topic for each) please let us know and we’ll look in to it :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to introduce scheduling lambdas? I’m using Zapier to trigger them at the moment which is fine but would rather have this functionality within Netlify instead of another service.

They could live inside the toml file?

serverless example:

  schedule: {
    rate: 'cron(0 23 ? * SUN *)',
  functions = "./functions"

    schedule: 'cron(0 23 ? * SUN *)',

hi @omonk - i don’t know of any plans for this yet, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. I’ve moved your post here here so we can look into it and consider this :slight_smile: