What are the steps to transfer my domain from Netlify to Google Domains?

Context: I’m new to transferring domains. I have all my domains in Google Domains except for one because I wanted to support Netlify as I use it for all my websites. That said, the fact that Netlify does not offer an email service makes it unusable for my purposes.

According to the instructions I need to contact the community forums to transfer my domain to Name.com.

My question is, what then? If my goal is to specifically transfer my domain to Google Domains, what are the steps to achieve this?

Hi @pgarciacamou!

Once we transfer your domain to name.com, you can do whatever you like with it, including transferring it somewhere else (https://www.name.com/support/articles/205934797-Domain-transfer-FAQ?keyword=transfer%20domain)

Hope that helps!