Webinar signup does not work

I received an invitation to watch some recent Netlify zoom webinars but the sign up sequence ends with a request for a password that has not been given - any ideas on where to go from here?


I have this same problem.

hi there, can you check your DMs? I think we reached out to you with the password.

Thanks for responding. I hate to seem dim, but I’m not familiar with the platform and don’t see where to access any DM’s !

I have not received any DMs.

Please could you send me the password too?

I would, but I still don’t have it. I received an email, from the admins I presume, saying there is a zoom bug - but no word since!

hi everyone, sorry for the confusion.

we just sent a fresh email with new instructions to everyone who was signed up for the webinar :+1:

please comment below if you didn’t receive one, thanks!

In another thread it seemed to be suggested that these webinars might be hosted somewhere for later watching: Webinar recordings
Will this still be happening?

There will be more webinars but how we will be sharing those next is still being worked on. There should be an update about this soon.

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