Webinar - netlify.zoom.us - what password


I received an email with past webinar links.
I would be interested with this for example:

but if I register - it asks a password… - which I do not have…

I have an account in netlify.

I have several accounts in zoom.us

but non-of the zoom, nor netlify password was accepted.

I would ask - what password is requested on the netlify.zoom.us website?
There is no chance to resend/reset those “password”…

Zoom.us support doesn’t deal with third-party mail-lists links source “customer.io

Thank you



I had the same problem. Can’t access webinar recordings linked from your email because Zoom keeps asking for a password after registering.

Hi, welcome! Although I don’t have an answer to your question, you might want to check out my comment here

@tomrutgers Thank you, Tom! Was the solution in the webinar using Gatsby too?

hi there, can you check your DMs? I think we reached out to you with the password.

To be honest, I have no clue. It’s what all the cool kids use these days so it very might be. I’m sure someone will help out with the webinar issue soon though. -edit- Wow, that was quick indeed @perry

@perry I haven’t received any DM yet.

Thank you!

hey everyone, sorry for the confusion.

we just sent a fresh email with new instructions to everyone who was signed up for the webinar :+1:

please comment on this thread (I am closing this one as there are multiple threads)