"We can’t renew your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically"

I’m seeing a warning on my dashboard for oliverturner.cloud that “Acme::Client::Error: Order’s status (“valid”) is not acceptable for finalization”

Actions taken so far:

  1. Check domain settings on registrar’s admin panel
    The domain seems to be configured correctly (and I’ve done nothing to it recently)

  2. Look for other references to this error message
    I’ve searched for the error without seeing any other reports

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Hi @oliverturner! Welcome to netlify community.

This appears to have been a transient error. I manually refreshed your certificate in our database and that cleared out the error message. You should be all set now :+1:

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Legend :sunglasses:
Thanks Laura

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Hi there, this also happened to us. Can you please refresh our certificate as well?

Ideally, clicking on «Renew certificate» would clear out the error message and try again, I assume a similar thing could happen again.

Thank you

Hey Peter,

Mind sharing the site name/URL? Thanks!

Sure, I was wondering how this worked in Oliver’s case :sweat_smile: It’s a bit weird to post this here, really, but afaict this is now the only way without upgrading to premium support?

Anyway, the site name is unesco-gem-report, URL is https://www.education-progress.org

Hey @grossbart,

I’ve gone ahead and renewed that for you. Again, nothing to worry about – just overzealous messaging!

That’s right, our Helpdesk is available for Pro (and above) customers. We may escalate a Starter issue to a more private means when dealing with sensitive data :+1:!

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Hi, I’m seeing the same on my site (Netlify site name: blog-georgi)

Same problem here. Site name: modest-heyrovsky-a94cd8. URL: https://journalcli.me. I’ve tried clicking the ‘Renew’ button several times over the course of several days, but the error doesn’t seem to resolve.

Same problem for us. The domain in question is: https://app.mgt-connect.com/

@laura or @Pie any chance for some assistance with this or guidelines what we could do to resolve it? Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time.

Hey @jumpalottahigh, @refactorsaurusrex, @mgt-connect,

I’ve removed these transient errors for you. :+1:


Had the same Acme::Client::Error: Order's status ("valid") is not acceptable for finalization problem earlier today with my custom domain debigare.com. Manual certificate renewal worked for me though, so I’m fine now.

Reading on the topic, this transient error appears to be a bug in the ACME client Netlify is using, as this seems to occur only when the certificate has already been issued. This should be investigated.

Hey @SmashManiac,
Agree, it’d be great to get to the root cause of this. Would you mind sharing a screen shot of where you saw that error? Was it in your browser’s developer console?

Nothing that fancy. I was simply informed of the error via a Netlify email notification. Screenshot below.

The same error also showed up in a yellow warning on the Domain Management page right under the HTTPS heading prior to manual renewal, but I didn’t keep a screenshot of it.

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Thanks, will bring this to our backend engineers and see if we can get to the bottom of it.

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We also got a notice about this for https://www.cockroachlabs.com can you check our cert please

Hey @anagio,

After checking this, I’m not seeing an error message for that domain. The certificate was updated at 11am (UTC) on the 25th (yesterday). Was the email received before this time?

Hey yes it was before yesterday thanks

I had the same issue on my domain ethanwutka.com. I’ve got two sites with an identical Let’s Encrypt setup, but only one had the error.