Was upgraded to Identity Level 1 by mistake: please downgrade to Level 0

Hello there,

I received a “Welcome to Identity Level 1” e-mail, but never intended to upgrade.
I have no need for more than 2 or 3 users.
I may have created more users than needed, for a few hours, for testing purposes. I deleted them soon after.
It is unclear to me how or why Netlify implements this mandatory, automatic Identity upgrade feature, but to me it seems wrong. Programmatically restricting the creation of new users to help members remain within the constraint of their plan would make more sense, I believe.
And in this particular case, I never had more than four users at any given time. Counting deleted users is rather odd, and a feature that I discovered after the automatic upgrade at taken place.

Anyway, I responded to the e-mail welcoming me to Identity Level 1, and was informed that I could not be granted support via e-mail, as I was " a member of a team on a free Netlify plan", and should use the community forum instead.
Fair enough, complying: will you please downgrade the website to Identity Level 0?
Netlify Team, I suppose you can access the website details by using the email address associated with this nelifycommunity account?

Thank you, regards,

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Hi, @manube. I do see you were able to open a support ticket and that we have already followed up there earlier today.

If this is incorrect or there are other questions, please reply here anytime.

Facing the same problem.

Hi, @shoaibkhan94, I see the support ticket you opened for this was auto-closed. We are happy to resolve all billing issues via the support helpdesk and I’m reply there now in a follow-up ticket.