Very slow TTFB on static files


On our site static assets are taking a very long time to load.

You can see the TTFB is almost 6 seconds in the screenshot below


Here is an example

The example same file on the “develop” branch staging site loads way faster https://develop–

This is for all static files. Can we please make sure the master branch production static files load as quickly as the develop branch files?

hi there, glad you found us. Sounds like your concerns might be related to this:

can you go through the steps outlined in that thread to provide the data we need so we can pinpoint what is going on?

thanks, much appreciate!

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For anyone reading this, the issue was due to my production domain A record pointing to a far away server, rather than using the netlify CDN. I ended up pointing my nameservers to Netlify so the CDN started working and files were loading quickly

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thanks for letting us know what the cause was, @jonlow! This is super helpful for other users.