Using www without root domain is not supported?

Following the suggestions of - I created a site with a custom domain only for the www subdomain. But, as mentioned in Netlify takes control over the root domain when using www? , Netlify tries to takes control of the root domain and does not proceed in creating the Let’s encrypt cert (probably because it never finds the root domain at netlify).

My DNS and root domain are hosted elsewhere. It looks in Netlify takes control over the root domain when using www? people like @luke have a special switch to fix this. Is it the way to solve this?


hi @Walrusse - do you have a specific site you are looking to do this for, or is this a general inquiry? Thanks for clarifying.

I had a specific site (mine) . In the meantime, the let’s encrypt cert was finally generated, so that side of the question seems to be solved without your intervention. Are you able to check using my email in the community without me sharing the specific site here? Was it indeed done automatically?

Nevertheless, the “root” domain always stays there even if I have no intention of hosting it on Netlify, per recommendations mentioned in my initial comments. See screenshot here:

Hi, I’ve sent you a direct message asking for that information and I’ll get that set up once you confirm. Thank you.