Using with Netlify / setting a TTL of 86400

I would appreciate the TTL update on


Hi, @macaroni, the TTLs for NS records for have been updated on our DNS service now. :+1:

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Could you update the TTL for as well?


Hi, @davidarnarsson. Done! :smiley:

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hey @cmiller , we have updated that TTL for you now. You should be good to go.

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took care of that for you, @drcongo.

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I have the same problem when is validating my domain It requires minimum TTL of 86400 sec. Is there any way to changes this through my dashboard dns settings?

Could you update TTL=86400 for ?

Just got that fixed for as well as, folks.

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Can you update the TTL for Thank you in advance!

hi there, we took care of that for you!

Hi, can you update the TTL for many thanks in advance!

we took care of that for you @bramsmulders!

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Hi, I am having the same problem with

we took care of that for you, @SveinnB!

Thank you @perry. Can you do the same for, and ? :slight_smile:

Hi, @SveinnB. This was done for

For and, the DNS zones don’t exist in Netlify DNS. We cannot the NS records until there is a DNS zone in Netlify DNS to update.

Please let us know when you add those zones and we’ll get the NS records updates for them as well.

Thank you @luke. will do for now :smiley: the hosting company for and have redirects those url to for me. So this is working as expected now. Thanks again.

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