Using with Netlify / setting a TTL of 86400

I have a .is domain (Iceland) registered at . I wanted to use Netlify for my DNS. However, refused to set the DNS servers to Netlify because they have a check before they do the transfer that the NS records on the new DNS server have a TTL of 86400 seconds. Netlify DNS editor does not allow you to change the TTL on the root domain and www records, and it’s set to 3600. So, I ended up using cloudflare. Wondering if anyone has been able to get to work with Netlify DNS.

@foobarbecue - i made a new post, as this feels like it warrants a separate topic so that people can more easily find this :slight_smile:

We can set the higher TTL for you. What domain is it?

I have an open feature request to do this automatically for .is domains but until then it is a manual operation for which we’d need to know your domain to adjust settings.

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Thanks! The domain is . Please set TTL to 86400.

NO DEAL! I set it to 86401 since that’s worked well in the past :slight_smile: Should be ready to link now.