Used my old slug because I deleted my old account, for my new account

In the past, I signed up for netlify using a github account, I set my slug to be agus7fauzi. then because it was too complicated I decided to delete the account, and create a new one using my email. the problem is when I delete my account, I forgot to change my slug, so when I use a new account and set the slug to agus7fauzi I can’t and a warning “Slug is already taken” appears. I know the slug belongs to me for my old account which was deleted. then how can I use my agus7fauzi slug again? please help me.

Hi, @agus7fauzi. I found the deleted user record using that slug and removed the reference. It should work for you now. If not, please reply anytime.

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I still can’t use the agus7fauzi slug. Please help me!
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And for contact, my email is:

My problem has been resolved by someone from netlify, thank you

Hi, @luke. I’m having the same problem, the slug I’m trying to use is stldo. Could you please remove the reference to my old account? Thanks!

Hi, @stldo. I’ve removed that from the previous account now.

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