Use the same domain for multiple netlify project

So, this is i would like to achieve.

I have a project in netfliy, let’s name it root. This site now is running on the root of the domain

This domain is using netlify dns. and have it set as custom domain and as a root domain under this project.

Here’s the thing i would like to achieve.

I would like to manage multiple project, and run them on subdomain, with netlify.

some-sub-project is a netlify site, and i would like to deploy it on .

What i have tired is to set the subdomain as custom domain under the some-sub-project, then deploying the site. When I open the link i am getting thrown to

Any idea how can I solve this?

Thank you!

Hi @zilahir!

I would like to check out your sites to make sure I understand what you have tried so far. Do you mind linking us to your site?

Hi @laura!

Thanks for replying back.

I have managede to solve the problem, the solution was indeed in the documentation, read it again, and found it. :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

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thanks for letting us know, glad you found a solution :slight_smile: