Urgently need invoice (paying customer needs invoice)

I am a paying customer who needs an invoice.
When I requested the aforementioned, I received:

Netlify Support

Sep 15, 2020, 1:51 PM EDT

Hi there! Thanks for contacting Netlify support.

It looks like you are a member of a team on a free Netlify plan. For free plan customers, we provide support inside our community forums where you can ask just about any question.


(This ticket will be automatically closed.)

What shall I do to get an invoice for the service I am paying for? This is pretty urgent so I would be grateful for quick help.

Thank you!

hi there, did you select “billing” from the dropdown? also, please be sure to enter the email address associated with the paid team.

can you let us know here asap if you are unable to get through to the billing helpdesk?

I sent an email with the same email I was using for netlify. I also selected billing issue. But I get ticket not opened.

Edit: I see I got a reply now.
Thank you for your help.