Urgent: Can't send Netlify Identity user invites

Site id: 9f24559c-5632-4038-878f-dd66c105c33e

If your user database is still empty, you could try to disable and re-enable Netlify Identity.

@tomrutgers I disabled and re-enabled Identity and things got working again, but it seems to break when I set a custom invitation template. I’ve set the path to /email-templates/invite-user.html and deployed, but then I get the error when I try to add a user.

I think it’s due to an error in the docs. You list the following as the default template for invitation emails…

…so I coped it and made a few changes to the wording. But the href attribute should surely be {{ .SiteURL }}/#invite_token={{ .Token }} not {{ .ConfirmationURL }}, right?

Can you post the custom template contents?

Also make sure to download your latest deploy sand make sure your template doesn’t have a html, head and body tag.

You shouldn’t use the default templates. Agreed that this should probably be mentioned in the docs.

# Invitation: 
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#invite_token={{ .Token }}

# Confirmation:
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#confirmation_token={{ .Token }}

# Password recovery: 
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#recovery_token={{ .Token }}

# Email change:
{{ .SiteURL }}/some/path/#email_change_token={{ .Token }}

My custom template is

<p>You have been invited to create your
  account on {{ .SiteURL }}.</p>
<p>Follow the link below to accept your invite and set your desired password:</p>
<p><a href="{{ .SiteURL }}/welcome/#invite_token={{ .Token }}">Accept The Invite</a></p>

I posted the ones I use for Netlify CMS here: [Common Issue] Netlify CMS & Git Gateway - Email not confirmed

But at the moment I can’t even send the invites, because of the error in my initial post.

It seems if I’m using a custom email address to send Identity emails and then I make any kind of change to the email template paths then I’ve to re-enter my ‘server login password’ in the ‘outgoing email address’ section to get things working again. This isn’t mentioned in the docs and took a whole day of trial and error to figure out.

Thanks for reporting back @chocobuckle. That doesn’t sound like it’s intended behavior, I reckon you caught an Identity bug.

cc @Dennis

Thanks for the at-mention @tomrutgers! I’ll look into the issue and get that filed. :+1: