Updates to GoTrue.js Documentation

Hi. I’ve been working with the GoTrue API using the GoTrue.js library you all provide. The docs and particularly the interactive API docs are very good, but there are some difficulties I had with the documentation that I thought it would be useful to clarify.:

  • Documentation on how to add user metadata when creating a user
  • Documentation of the secondary cookie attribute for methods that manage log in
  • Documentation on how to update user metadata when updating a user
  • No method or documentation (that I could find) for handling the update token sent when a user updates their email

To be clear, I was able to figure all these things out (except for the last one) but not without a lot of digging through code. Some things, like the cookie parameter, do appear in the readme but not the interactive example docs. Others, like addng/updating user metadata, I couldn’t find documented.

Just trying to make it easier on the next person :wink: Let me know if I can help with this effort.

Hey @remotesynth and thanks for getting in touch :+1:

I’ll add @Perry in on this who may wish to bring this to the docs team when they next meet (or ask you a couple more questions!)