Unlink repository

I need to unlink my site from Github (API ID 6f949d1e-a590-46c5-add6-8f01e9a5db46), can you help?

hi there, we have unlinked this for you!

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I posted this request in another thread but reposting again here just to make sure it’s seen. I’d like to unlink my site from Github as well! API ID: bd0a7a8f-9272-4ccd-8b24-dbe98906e116

Thank you!

Hi, can someone help to unlink gitlab repo please. API ID: dc906ec3-923e-419f-b5c7-dc27461ab25f :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi, @wicaker. That repository is unlinked from the site now.

If there are questions or other sites/repos to unlink, please let us know.

Hi could you please unlink my site from github too?
API id: ddaf01fe-7744-4d42-be8c-10da82a2245d
Site name: gerardchung

Hi, @gcsk1982. The repo has been unlinked from this site. If there is more we can do to assist, please let us know.

Hi, could you please unlink my site from the github repo?
Site name: census-website-respond
API ID: 6e05cc74-b264-4d0f-9b6d-dbc31808662d


sure thing, tis done.