Unable to update billing credit card

Hi there!

I have a new credit card that I’m try to apply however the update is being rejected. The card is new but is active and works with other services. Is it possible that the CC provider is rejecting verification due to being unfamiliar with Netlify? Curious to know how the verification process works on your end. Thanks!


Sorry to hear about the trouble!

One thing to try is entering your credit card in an incognito window without any browser extensions enabled. We’ve seen ad-blocking-type browser plugins and other plugins inhibit our communication with our authentication service.

The other thing that can trip folks up is not selecting the Country from the form’s drop-down field.

If neither of those help, can you try and get a screenshot of an error in your Browser dev tools? Something like this​ image:

This will help us debug the issue and get things resolved quicker. We’ll go from there. Thank you.