Unable to update auto renew (expired 2 days ago)


I’ve seen a number of posts in the forum with this error message with solutions—but these are only if the domain expired over 30 days ago.

Mine has only just expired and I’m seeing a 422 status code on

PUT https://api.netlify.com/api/v1/domains-next/petetaylour_world/auto-renew

in the console.

I’ve tried deleting the DNS records in my site in case that helped

The custom domain in question is petetaylour.world


Thanks for providing that info. No bug here - you cannot renew an expired domain. We can for you, but we do need to have you verify that your credit card info (shown here: https://app.netlify.com/teams/ptaylour/billing/general#receipts) is still valid, since we have to pay for the domain before we can charge you, since you’ve let it expire.

Please confirm that and we’ll get it renewed and post the charge to your account in the next day or two.

Ah got it! Yep, still valid. Thank would be great, thank you!

I think a more descriptive error message would help in my case. This is how I ended up posting on the forum:

  • pressed auto renew and received message “Unable to update auto renew”
  • went to re-buy the domain, was told that the domain “already has an owner. Is it you?”
  • searched on form and and saw posts talking about grace periods via name.com but no direct answer to my question.

Hey @PTaylour,

I’ve gone ahead and renewed that for you.

I agree with your sentiment and thanks for the feedback! It’s a flow which we’re looking to improve, that’s for sure.

It’s still showing as expired on the console. Should that have changed by now?

Hey @PTaylour,

Thanks for chasing us on this one. That’s my fault, I had missed an all-important step out from the process. UI updated :+1:!

No worries, Thank you!