Unable to renew domain

I am unable to renew an expired domain, In the Netlify docs it states that :

For the first 30 days after expiration, you can renew the domain in the domain detail page in the Netlify UI.

I am unable to find a button to renew the domain for another year. I instead tried the auto-renew button but it prompts: “unable to update auto renew” similar to others that have posted. Is there not a button to just renew for one year? If so, does the auto-renew button fail?

This is for the domain qpaircraftcablemanufacturing.com

Many Thanks

hey there, when did the domain expire?

According to whois, that was back on 2020-05-02.

Yes, I see it the as same as gregraven on 2020-05-02

@duybui1 We can renew the domain for you. The annual renewal for this particular domain is $14.99. Please confirm you are willing to pay that amount and we’ll take care of it!

Yes I confirm that amount, Thank you

We’ve renewed your domain! You should receive your receipt via email momentarily.

Make sure to turn on auto-renew for this domain so it doesn’t expire next year :slight_smile: