Unable to login to netlify

I’ve been working on a tutorial for netlify functions all morning. I made some changes a few minutes ago and just tried to login but I’m getting an error:

app.netlify.com ’s server IP address could not be found.

I can access www.netlify.com, but when I click on logn (or even a “get started” link), I’m getting this error. I’d like to think the subdomain is down but I don’t see anyone else indicating there is a problem.

OK. It’s back up. I’m not sure what happened but I couldn’t get on for a while.

We did have a DNS-related outage right then that you were probably hitting: https://www.netlifystatus.com/incidents/p9g9cz29p3ln

Those are always shown in a banner in the community so I’m surprised you didn’t see it, but the status page (https://netlifystatus.com) is a good place to look when you see something odd happening in the future :slight_smile:

This kind of issue is bound to happen occasionally. You have my respect and admiration for your up front approach and this personal response. Not to mention a terrific product.
Thank you.

Dean Witcraft