Unable to add content to blog

I installed the cosmicjs blog template authored by Jazib Sawar. Its description states: “A simple blog app built using Vue & Vuex. It connects to the Cosmic JS CMS via API. You can manage your content from your Cosmic JS Dashboard.”

I got it up and running but I am unable to add any content. All that shows on my site is header and footer. I have ensured that my Bucket Slug and read/write APIs are all correct. I have just basic knowledge so it is difficult for me to track down why I can’t add content to the blog using the Cosmic JS Dashboard. One thing I wonder is my bucket did get changed in Cosmic JS to a personal bucket from the trial bucket. Would that make the difference?

I have 8 blog objects but none show up. Any help would be appreciated.

hi @scott! I am moving this post to our #topics:cms-ssg category where it fits a bit better, but do keep in mind that this is a netlify support forum, as opposed to a Cosmic JS/ Vue one :slight_smile:

You might have better luck accessing help in support channels for those products specifically.

A few questions:

  • have you been able to build locally? (if no, then this is definitely a pre-netlify problem)
  • if you have been able to deploy, please post a link to your deploy/instance
  • have you been encountering any build or deploy errors? if yes, please post them here.

In general, i highly recommend this post:

as a starting point to write the kinds of questions that get the best answers :+1: