Unable to add an A Record - IPv6 config removal

I am trying to add a new A register on my DNS Panel but I am not getting what I am doing wrong.

It says: dns_api growintech.com.br - growintech.com.br/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

When I see the list of DNS records, I don’t see any other A register. So I don’t know what is happening.

I saw somewhere else here in the forum and some people said that with IPv6 configured, we could not add another DNS A register. So, I need the IPv6 configuration to be deleted.

NETLIFY and NETLIFYv6 records are A records so any you add would conflict with those. What are you trying to accomplish, exactly? Then maybe we can give you better advice :slight_smile:

I need to configure the DNS for MailChimp (a service for email sending). There, in the MailChimp’s instructions, it is said that I need to configure a CNAME and an A register. But I cannot register another A register.
So I came here to check if other people had the same problem I am having now. I read from some topics that if the IPv6 were configured, we would not be able to register a new A register. And, for deleting the IPv6 configuration, we need to call the support to delete it.

Is there any options that I can follow? Or do I really need to have my IPv6 configuration deleted?

I think you misread something - we can delete IPv6 records for you, but removing it and the A record will also disable your website. I think maybe you could contact mailchimp’s tech support to get a better description of what you need, so we can help you implement it. What you are asking for is possible, but I assume you do not want to disable your website, which you are asking us to do.