Two forms, one page?

Temporary solution:
You should use an external plugin like FORMSPREE in your first form


remove the form in the footer

Netlify developers have to note this as a bug and work on it.

Hi, @NetlifyUser2020, and welcome to our community site.

The following form HTML would not work at Netlify:

            <form action="POST" data-netlify="true">

This is trying to submit the form to a path of “POST”. This should be changed to the following:

            <form method="POST" data-netlify="true">

The method and not the action should be “POST”.

Would you please try making that change and let us know if it doesn’t resolve the issue?

@TenSketch, I believe we found the root cause and it wasn’t at bug at Netlify. :wink:

Wow! Thank You so much Man!

It, indeed, worked!
Both forms are working now simultaneously and I get the details in the Netlify Form menu when I submit them.

P.S. tho: However, just to let you know too, only the second form below shows captcha on the screen and asks to do the regular captcha verification stuff, whereas, the first big contact form does not show any captcha validation.

Thanks a lot nevertheless!!!

P.P.S. Sorry, the system wouldn’t allow me to post screenshots

P.P.P.S: Sorry, was a bit under the weather yesterday, so didnt reply right away

HI luke,
I have been using only this <form method="POST" data-netlify="true"> from the beginning. But only one form (2nd form in the page) always works. Only when I removed the 2nd form, it worked.

Yup - known issue that the recaptcha will only work on one form per page; if you need it on two forms, you need two pages. I’ll follow up in this thread if that behavior changes in the future.

Not only recaptcha, also only one form works in page! I don’t think anyone has found the solution yet!

I think our staff are out of time to help any more on this one, so I’d suggest using two separate pages for your forms since maybe that will help better.

There is no native problem with using two forms on a single page here (except no double recaptcha is possible), but we have to draw the line somewhere on how much time our staff can spend on any one problem for free customers.

have already done that, thanks!