Troubleshooting inconsistent loading of Netlify hosted site


I am having some problems with inconsistent loading of my site via Netlify. I am using a custom domain following the Netlify guide and I’m also using Netlify name servers. My site only seems to load half the time and in different browsers it seems to vary again. The code of the site is valid and working well but I think it may have something to do with the custom domain redirect. If it helps my domain ( was registered with Porkbun.

Any tips or help would be appreciated! I have gone through the DNS and custom domain setup a few times and have used my Terminal to ping the site to confirm a valid response. Apologies in advance if this is a poorly formed noob question!


EDIT 1: @BayuAngora mentioned the Error Connection from Asia Region thread which I’m following as I’m based in Hong Kong and most people reporting errors with my site are also based in Hong Kong.

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I use Hugo with custom domain from Porkbun too. Just check my latest thread about error connection.

hi noah, we were seeing some degraded performance on some of our servers late sunday/early monday (depending on where you are… i am located on west coast/pacific US time).

Can you check it again and verify that it is still not working correctly? If yes, we’ll look in to it, but hopefully its resolved :crossed_fingers:

Ah the Asia server degradation makes sense as I’m based in Hong Kong and trying to serve my site to people in Hong Kong. I’ll follow along there as well.

Hi @perry. The Asia server degredation mentioned by @BayuAngora makes sense as I’m based in Hong Kong, and the people trying to get to my site are mostly going to be in HK too. I just retried but my site ( failed to load after clearing the cache. Can you take a quick look for me to see why this might be happening?

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hey noah, i am seeing your site load just fine:

are you sure its not your local network, browser, or some other issue? We’ll want to rule that out first.

I got it to load in Safari a few minutes ago but now my browsers are saying that the “Server is not found”. Everything else is loading fine for me on this network (and has been for as long as I can remember) so I don’t think its that. Not sure what’s going on…?

hmm. I am going to get a support engineer on the case. We’ll take a closer look.

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Thank you @perry lmk if you guys need anything more from me. It’s a little after 2am here now but I’ll jump back on in the morning.