Transfer site to new person

Would like to transfer site ownership to another person on my team. I will not remain on as a collaborator.

  • the name of the site you want to transfer

  • the email of another existing Netlify login that you want us to transfer it to

  • to know if you need to retain access to the site after transfer. Note that this usually results in a charge for the person you are transferring to, if their team has room for you as a collaborator (there are limits on most plans as to the number of collaborators, and pricing will vary by team level ).

       **No do not need to retain rights**
  • and finally, we’ll need to confirm that you are authorized to request the transfer via out of band email before we can proceed. You can only request transfer of sites that you already own :slight_smile:

Hi @ckopecky! Welcome to netlify community.

I will follow up with an email to confirm and complete your request. Thank you!

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