Transfer site from personal team to work team

Hi, I read here that this is the appropriate way to request this?

I have a site I need to transfer from my personal account to a work team. Both are on free plans so far.

Can someone help me with this?



To provide a bit more detail:

I’ve created a new netlify account with my work e-mail and set up netlify to deploy from the new cloned repo on bitbucket and is all working fine so actually all I really need now is to switch the custom domain over to the work site.

Here is the site I want to transfer: sharjah-weather

And here is the new work site: relaxed-hoover-500a19

Anything else I need to provide?

Actually sorry disregard, we’ve just changed the url so can provide end user with the new url so transfer is not required after all. Please delete this post (I don’t have permission)

OK thank you for the update!