Trailing Slash Redirect/Rewirte Rule not working?

I’ve read the doc for how to use redirects and rewrites for a netlify site but when I use it for my website, it just says that this page cannot be reached or isn’t available.

  1. I know its up and running because the status page for netlify says all good/clear
  2. My code for my website shouldn’t affect how it loads because it validated successfully and I checked it for any errors that might occur during the page load and cache

For example when I use this in my _redirects or netlify.toml file 301

from = “
to = “
status = 301
force = false

It should have the trailing slash added to the end of the address, but instead gives me an error in my browser that this site can’t be reached or isn’t available.

Basically all i’m trying to accomplish is to make my site have the trailing slash at the end of the URL like this

(The main reason for this post is because I’m using a SEO checker for my website and its saying that
isn’t equal to the canonical URL.
My code would be setup like this

I don't know if its a code error for me or if I'm not understanding canonical or redirects/rewrites)

hi there, did you give this a read through? is it applicable to your situation at all?

This is relevant to my issue but I do not understand what the solution for it is. I have tried multiple methods in which the trailing slash can be removed but ends with the page not being found at all, the solution is to revert back to no redirects at all. But that still dosent answer my question that I asked about having the trailing slash being added to the url and not without the trailing slash

You can’t usefully affect the trailing slash on the domain name, Caleb - that’s a browser-specific detail as to what is shown and essentially is the same as - so it’s not something you can redirect between. They are just different ways of saying the same thing.

If you’re talking about trailing slashes on files like versus that’s a different story. Still hard to affect with redirects, but at least there is some room for change there.

Neither of those are my issues, its an issue with some sites using a non trailing slash instead of a slash (which is what I would prefer)