System record deletion request


There is a system-created IN NETLIFY record for my subdomain (, and the UI does not allow me to delete it. I’ve stopped using this alias in all deployments, but have now added what seems to be a conflicting IN CNAME record to a gitbooks page. This creates a certificate error on accessing the page.

From the following support issues I gather there is no system to deal with this, besides making requests for such deletions here:

So could I have the IN NETLIFY record for deleted? Please let me know if there’s anything I need to do on my end for this.


If the IN NETLIFY record for could also be deleted that would be great.

As far as I can tell, there is no “” record except the one you intended to set, pointing to gitbook hosting. I’ve enabled you to delete the www version though.

Fantastic, apologies for the confusion

Dear all,

I runned into the same the same problem. After a toy implementation I cannot delete those DNS record above: 3600 IN NETLIFYv6 3600 IN NETLIFY

I tried support as I’ve bought the domain with Netlify but I was informed about the need to ask support here at netlify community.

Thank you for your attention

Hey there! I’ve flipped a switch backend which will allow you to remove these records. Hope this helps!

Hi @Pie I’m running into the same issue. My domain is “” please help me out. Thanks! 3600 IN NETLIFY 3600 IN NETLIFY

You should now be able to remove the NETLIFY records for these URLs from the UI!

Hi @Pie could you please enable it again. Sorry can’t see in the UI anymore. Thanks!

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Hi @Pie attached a screenshot below - thanks!

Hi @Pie I went back n forth with my request, apologies for that. Please add the deletion button in the UI, thanks :slight_smile:

Hey! No qualms. I’ve added the option for you to remove these two records from the Netlify UI :+1:!

Please don’t post the same question in multiple threads in the future @Sceat :slight_smile: Our Support team makes sure every post gets a response, but reposting identical questions in several places slows our team down.

Thanks in advance for your help in keeping our tech support here available for free by helping us stay efficient :wink:

Hi i’d like to have these removed:

muchos gracias

hi there, can you tell us your API ID or netlify site name please?

Hello there.
Can you please remove the following - there are multiple records:

Netlify site name: dock90

Thank you :slight_smile:

(PS - is there a way to enable deletions for the future? I do a lot of temp projects deployed via subdomians)

Hi, the ID is

we flipped a switch so that you can delete those records yourselves, now, @olivier1980 and @EdwardGoomba.

We’re working on changing a few things around so you have more control - but those changes haven’t shipped yet, we’ll let you know when they do.

@perry Thank you!
just some notes:
www. prefixes are still uneditable.
IPv6 addresses are not editable either.

Looking forward to more dns control.

Hey @EdwardGoomba, all 4 of the records should now be deletable! :broom: