“Suspected harmful website” on LinkedIn

In my LinkedIn profile I usually leave some of my projects in the highlights section. Until then everything was ok but while browsing my profile today I noticed that there was something wrong with the links, apparently LinkedIn is judging all the sites I have not hosted by Netlify as harmful and returning a “Malware Warning” page. Any idea how to solve this?

@Abou Your site isn’t loading for me, so I can’t see what might be causing the issue.

@Abou Same for me - failing with a connection refused.
Thats probably part of whats triggering the issue with linked in.

If You suspect that is the reason why your site isn’t working is the slow loading speeds then this might not be a Netlify Issue.

We need your:

  • Netlify Domain

  • Git repo it available

  • Link to or copy of your latest deploy logs


now it is working fine can you check it again

Just like the page says: This link has been reported as participating in malicious behavior or abuse.. Maybe someone has reported the link?

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how can i resolve this issue

I don’t think you can. Your best bet would be trying to contact LinkedIn. Sadly, none of us can help much as there’s nothing Netlify doing which is resulting in the warning.

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