[Support Guide] How can I optimize my Netlify build time?

There is now Stop Builds functionality, so you can turn it on and off at will :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t suit your needs, could you let us know more details about why it doesn’t? We can still turn off here but hoping we won’t need to anymore since that feature is released.

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It’s close to what I was looking for!
Thank you so much!
I’m going to use that feature :smiley:

Hey @fool thanks for the suggestion! While I hit the same issue as @nicolasrouanne, using a script works.

Hi @fool could you help switch off the continuous integration for the following side ID’s:

  • 3ba5ba56-c89d-4823-a8c6-45c41e49a6c7
  • 5df486d8-2654-43fa-acdd-3309f7f28fff
  • 241abe71-cbe7-45dd-b8fe-10a7875bb484
  • 1934f642-43dd-4363-b9d8-6db41107af9c
  • bd5e70d5-8d4a-4343-bb9c-df5691b23214
  • e8087b08-d119-4168-9250-7cb801f6dcbf
  • b2c4bab4-4583-4577-8056-69c2d64f3844

Sorry for the long list!

no problem, much nicer to get them all in a batch than 1:1 so I’ll call it a win :slight_smile: All disconnected now.

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Hello again!

Could you unlink this site:



Nevermind, with the new option to deactivate builds I can do exactly what I need. https://docs.netlify.com/configure-builds/stop-or-activate-builds/

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Hi @fool sorry to bother you again.

Are you also able to switch off the continuous integration for these two sites?

  • 9817c7b9-1d9f-4f33-8aba-f998885bd9d9
  • 17e78315-c641-45aa-aacc-1c4f9f819b9d

Thanking you!

Sure. I’ve turned off automatic builds on those sites, @angslice . You can still build by pressing “trigger deploy” from the site’s deploy listing page (or by using incoming buildhook: https://docs.netlify.com/configure-builds/build-hooks/)

Hi @fool, it appears they are still deploying from Github and not unlinked. (Sorry if I was unclear)

Yes, I only turned off automatic builds as requested; you asked me to “switch off continuous integration”, not “unlink the repo”. You can still build with webhooks and if you press “Trigger deploy”, but I can see no builds have happened since I set the setting, so not sure what you mean by “they are still deploying” since there have been no deploys since we last spoke?

If you want the repos unlinked entirely, happy to do that instead, just let me know.

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Hi @fool,

Sorry totally my mistake.
Yes, if you could unlink them that would be awesome! :smiley:


Good morning @fool,

Did you have any luck with unlinking these sites?

  • 9817c7b9-1d9f-4f33-8aba-f998885bd9d9
  • 17e78315-c641-45aa-aacc-1c4f9f819b9d

Sorry my developers are chasing after me on this.

Thanking you :smiley:

these are unlinked now, @angslice!

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I have the same issue as @nicolasrouanne, the command works locally (macOS) but not when run on Netlify in the build step.

Hey @kmiyashiro,

What error are you getting? Have you tried the .sh script as advised? What did this show/tell?

Could you please unlink:

  • cdfef0c1-d55d-4c75-8e1a-13eb1a2e983c (phoenix-slipstream)

Hi, @PHOENiX. Done! :+1:

Hello. I would appreciate it if you would unlink:

  • fbceb7f7-7e90-4116-9d0b-107bdcfecfe9

Thanks! Please email or message me if you need additional details, verification, etc.

No problem @brycewray, just got it unhooked for you.

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