[Support Guide] How can I disable automatic git deploys?


Could you please unlink the following site from Github?


Thank you!

now unlinked :smiley:

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Could I get my site unlinked from Github? (API ID 6f949d1e-a590-46c5-add6-8f01e9a5db46)


Could I get my site unlinked from GitHub as well?
API ID: bd0a7a8f-9272-4ccd-8b24-dbe98906e116

Thank you!

Hi @khoaHyh! its done! :slight_smile:

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Maybe this helps someone :man_shrugging: Instead of unlinking my Github repo (i.e. asking about that in my comment above), I ended up just doing:

// netlify.toml
  ignore = "/bin/true"

And calling a webhook from CI.

This isn’t ideal because although all automatic builds are cancelled (triggered as a result of a merge to master, in my case)…

  1. We can no longer manually deploy from the Netlify Site UI
  2. the build log is still cluttered w/ “cancelled” builds
  3. it’s also a misleading workaround which is unintuitive for my fellow engineers to follow and/or duplicate in other projects.

This leads me to really want a clean way to configure “Active Builds” without automatically building&deploying. I’m sure something like this is in the works, but wanted to just post this for posterity and the Netlify team’s visibility…

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