[Support Guide] How can I disable automatic git deploys?

@jen That worked, thanks!

Hi, could I get one site unlinked please?

API ID: 4547ef4b-71d0-4e02-8e38-acdccfd3c01e

Thank you.

Hopefully it’s okay to bump this request after a few days; @jen or @luke, may I get a hand with this request?

Please unlink the site with API ID 4547ef4b-71d0-4e02-8e38-acdccfd3c01e from GitHub.


Sorry to be a bit slow to get back to you, Aaron. No problem with the bump! Just got that unlinked for you.

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Could you please unlink the following site from GitHub, for manual deploys via the CLI only. API ID:



hi there, we unlinked that repo for you.


Could you please unlink this site from GitHub, for manual deploys . API ID:

you caught us at a good time - just took care of that for you!

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Hi! I would like to keep build hooks active but stop building when pushing to git. Could you please activate that option for d9805b86-723a-407c-9b1e-d24aaef2ff34 and 0282b1b3-de5d-42fe-b5e7-8ef29988d7ef ? Thank you!

Sure thing @FDX, tis set now.

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Please unlink: API ID: c58019c9-ebe4-43cc-bcde-dfd52bf6e0b5

hi there, we took care of that for you!