[Support Guide] How can I disable automatic git deploys?

Hi, @jvbreen1, the site has been unlinked from the repo.

If there are other questions or more we can do to assist, please let us know.

Hi Luke! I think I may have accidentally left my git origin as Github and then re-linked, so it’s showing as Github again in my site. Would it be possible to unlink again?

API ID is dc12e51f-4fcc-4e2e-a5e2-23f8f817a785

we took care of that for you!

hi @perry I think my request may have been skipped, just following up:

Hi there,

Could I get my sites unlinked please?



we took care of that, cameron!

Hi @perry

I want to disable the automatic git deploys from the site.

Can you please unlink git from my site please ?




we took care of that for you! you are now unlinked.


Please unlink so manual builds are reenabled, thanks!

Hi, @mdpnetlify1. That site is not currently linked to a repo. It appears someone else may have unlinked this and not updated this topic (or that you found another way to unlink it).

@luke Please unlink the following sites (given by app ID) from github.


Hi, @chrisworman-pela. Both sites have been unlinked! :+1:

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Still seeing the Netlify check when opening a PR against the pelacase/pelacase-web repo in github. Is there something else that I need to do to remove this?

Hey @chrisworman-pela,
Is this a protected branch? If so, you may have to remove the check on the GitHub side. Even though these instructions are for enabling instead of disabling status checks, they will take you to the right place in GitHub where you should be able to remove netlify/pelacase/deploy-preview:

Let us know if that works for you!

@jen That worked, thanks!

Hi, could I get one site unlinked please?

API ID: 4547ef4b-71d0-4e02-8e38-acdccfd3c01e

Thank you.

Hopefully it’s okay to bump this request after a few days; @jen or @luke, may I get a hand with this request?

Please unlink the site with API ID 4547ef4b-71d0-4e02-8e38-acdccfd3c01e from GitHub.


Sorry to be a bit slow to get back to you, Aaron. No problem with the bump! Just got that unlinked for you.

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Could you please unlink the following site from GitHub, for manual deploys via the CLI only. API ID:



hi there, we unlinked that repo for you.


Could you please unlink this site from GitHub, for manual deploys . API ID: