[Support Guide] How can I disable automatic git deploys?

Does the unlinking + manual deploys method still allow Build Hooks to work? I want to only publish after a certain step of my CI (deploying new serverless functions) passes. I really wish there was an easier solution, but it seems that stopping auto publishing also disables Build Hooks, and then the build won’t automatically run

Currently I’m considering:

  1. stopping auto-publishing, but continuing auto builds
  2. From my CI environment, use env variables to parse what github commit hash is building
  3. If the branch is master, use the netlify CLI / API to contact the netlify GET /api/v1/sites/:site_id/deploys API to find the commit_ref that matches
  4. Use POST /api/v1/sites/:site_id/deploys/:deploy_id/restore to effective ‘restore’ aka publish that desired commit

Will this work? Does anyone know a better way?

I wish there was an analogous feature to Build Hooks that was essentially a Publish Hook (make a POST request to a URL to publish a build, while specifying parameters to specify which build)

Hi, @brianjychan, if you are doing a build in some CI system you can skip building at Netlify and directly deploy the locally built site to Netlify from the CI system itself.

This is done using manual deploys and the Netlify CLI tool:

To summarize, you can install Netlify CLI as a build dependency in the CI system and when the checks pass you can the CI script/system then executes netlify deploy --prod for the the “publish directory” (as we call it at Netlify). If this is done you will know the version deployed exactly matches you CI build because it is the version from the CI build.

Would that solution meet your requirements?

@luke that sounds like it will work for me, I hadn’t thought of going about it that way. Thanks!

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Hi there,

Could I get my sites unlinked please?



Please remove my git association for 46c29650-2f23-44ce-893f-aad734c30db7 thank you!

we took care of that for you~!

Thanks very much! @perry

Hi! I’d like to keep my site and remove the link from my site to Github.

API ID is dc12e51f-4fcc-4e2e-a5e2-23f8f817a785

Hi, @jvbreen1, the site has been unlinked from the repo.

If there are other questions or more we can do to assist, please let us know.

Hi Luke! I think I may have accidentally left my git origin as Github and then re-linked, so it’s showing as Github again in my site. Would it be possible to unlink again?

API ID is dc12e51f-4fcc-4e2e-a5e2-23f8f817a785

we took care of that for you!

hi @perry I think my request may have been skipped, just following up:

Hi there,

Could I get my sites unlinked please?



we took care of that, cameron!

Hi @perry

I want to disable the automatic git deploys from the site.

Can you please unlink git from my site please ?




we took care of that for you! you are now unlinked.


Please unlink so manual builds are reenabled, thanks!

Hi, @mdpnetlify1. That site is not currently linked to a repo. It appears someone else may have unlinked this and not updated this topic (or that you found another way to unlink it).

@luke Please unlink the following sites (given by app ID) from github.


Hi, @chrisworman-pela. Both sites have been unlinked! :+1:

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Still seeing the Netlify check when opening a PR against the pelacase/pelacase-web repo in github. Is there something else that I need to do to remove this?