Support for Yarn 2 (berry) caching (like node_modules is)

I’m seeing at the moment, that the build process isn’t caching the .yarn folder and it doesn’t seem to be listed in for caching. This means that it is unplugging and building binaries every time, increasing build time.

Also, if a user isn’t checking in their .yarn/cache/ (since it’s optional), it’s going to be fetching dependencies every time. Which would be more time on build.

Are there any plans to support caching .yarn like node_modules is?

Hi, @keirwilliams, welcome to the Netlify community site and you make a great point.

The repo netlify/build-image is a public, open source repo and we do encourage input there. Would you be willing to file an issue there asking for this?

In fact, if you wanted to make a PR we sometimes merge those from people outside of Netlify (after review of course). In both cases though, please only do this if you want to. :+1: