Super simple question just too new


I am brand new to Netlify how do I add the sitemap plugin the one listed here.

I know it’s simple but I am struggling to see how to do it.

Many thanks

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Hi @mations! The new build plugins are in beta still, you will need to apply for the limited early access here:

If you’re simply trying to add a sitemap to your site: most static site generators have their own plugins for that!

Thanks I thought I was doing something wrong. I do find it difficult to understand what the instructions me on the git. But thats why it wasn’t working perhaps i"m not on the beta doh.

@mations, we are happy to answer any questions about our services.

I don’t think that you are currently included in the build plugins beta so adding a sitemap that way won’t work for now.

If you tell us what static site generator you use for your site (if there is one that is) we’d be happy to suggest ways to add a sitemap.

If there are other questions we can answer, please let us know.