Streaming video with Netlify


Not sure the best place for this but I have a question about video streaming and if it’s possible with Netlify/Gatsby.

Arguably, the most widely used video format today is HLS. According to this article on HLS streaming, “HLS streams are generated on the fly, and an HTTP server stores those streams”.

I’ve already done the work of converting an mp4 video to HLS and embedding the HLS manifest file in my HTML5 video player but the video does not stream. I imagine this has to do with the characteristics of Static websites and dynamic files stored on a server, which in this case is Netlify?

Am I on the right track in my thinking? Do static sites introduce a set of limitations that make generating and serving files on the fly harder or not possible with this approach? What am I missing. Is this a Netlify issue?

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Hi @songfarm-david, have you had a look at #netlify-platform:large-media at all? That might be a good place to start.