Ssl error bad cert domain

Hi, @rajat404, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :+1: :

The existing SSL certificate only covered the apex/root domain and not the www subdomain.

When this occurs, the solution for this is to click the “Renew certificate” button here to have the additional domain names added:

I did click this button and the certificate has been updated now. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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@laura Hi, I am having the same issue for Could you fix that for me please? Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Laura. Thanks for refreshing all my certs without me even asking. My sites are working great. Thanks!

Hey @Timing_Liu,

Have you ensured that you’ve followed the advice in this post first?

HI @laura could you refresh my ssl certs for the following:


Hi, @turtletmusic, I’m seeing the same URL posted twice above. That URL being:

I’m seeing a valid SSL certificate for which was issued 2020-05-20 03:56:59 UTC. There is nothing to update at this time as the certificate covers all configured domain names.

We won’t process a renewal until ten days before this certificate is scheduled to expire. If there are any issues with the renewal, we’ll automatically email you to let you know.

​Please let me know if I’m missing something or if I have misunderstood this request.

Hi @Pie . the website was deployed with mailchimp
the current DNS records are:
A @

The domain I want to set up is, and now the primary domain is

There is no certificate error for but there is an error for
There is no DNS zone on, as shown in the image:

What should I do to remove the ssl error?

Hey @Timing_Liu,

Have you followed the advice given when you select “Check DNS configuration”?

It depends if you’re using Netlify DNS or not. If you are, create a zone and point your name servers to the NS records we provide. If not, you should follow this guide.

hi I’m also facing same issue for Can you please do the same.
Thank you

Hey there @rarchk, I’m not seeing an error for this domain. It’s showing as issued with no warning! :smile:

Hi, I just register a domain alias to my current website.
It says that the certificate is invalid.
Can you help me fix it?

Hey Julian,

Your site is not showing as being served by Netlify. Please make sure that you’ve configured your DNS correctly with either: Netlify DNS or external DNS. If you have, great, then you may need to wait a little while for changes to propagate.

If the issue persists, please create a new topic for your specific issue.

Hi, it seems like it is loading Digicert certificate now instead of Let’s Encrypt one.
Do you know what happen?


As I say, your website isn’t being served by us. You’ll need to check out the links I provided above and make sure that your DNS configuration is correct :smile:!

@Pie @laura I have the same problem with my domain: Did I do something wrong? The SSL certificate is not picking up my sub domain although it’s set up for *

Hey @barun1997,

I’m not sure where is pointing to. It’s not a site on Netlify and doesn’t resolve. Can you confirm what you’re trying to do?

Hi @Pie , sorry for the incomplete information. I just changed my link to I’m currently using Netlify DNS, and I’m pointing to Firebase Dynamic URL IP.

After I set up, it’s working now. Thank you for your reply @Pie. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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Hi @laura , would you mind refreshing my certificate for I am getting the firefox error

Hi, @sh786. I’m showing this SSL certificate was updated shortly after this was posted. The cause of the delay was most likely “time to live” (TTL) issues with the previous DNS records:

If you are still seeing issues, please let us know.